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A Track Record of Innovation, Honors & Awards

Old Town Aquarium is more than a hobbyists haven, it is a nationally-recognized leader in the field. Some highlights:

  •  Old Town Aquarium helped lead the way with new filtration and maintenance systems that make aquarium keeping much easier and more enjoyable than ever before. 


  • Old Town Aquarium has received Chicago Magazine’s sought-after “#1 in Chicago” award, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, and the Chicago Sun Times as well as on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.


  • Old Town Aquarium also supports reef studies by giving rare specimens to industry professionals and photographers like the world-renowned Scott Michael.


  • Television and Hollywood rely on Old Town Aquarium for expert aquatic production work, including projects for several prime-time commercials and stocking the shark tank in the hit feature film, Home Alone 2.


  • Chicago’s internationally-acclaimed Shedd Aquarium has received numerous specimens from Old Town Aquarium through the years, as well as use of enlarged feature-photographs of the store’s planted freshwater exhibit for a backdrop to Shedd’s ‘Amazon Rising” exhibit.


  • Old Town Aquarium also installed and maintains a freshwater exhibit at Chicago’s famed Museum of Science and Industry and has supplied public institutions across the nation with live specimens.


Yet, for all of these high-profile projects, Old Town Aquarium owners and employees find their greatest satisfaction in introducing new hobbyists to the pleasure of building and maintaining an aquarium… and helping experienced collectors find that rare specimen of their dreams.