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Corals and Invertebrates

When you can’t make a quick trip to dive the Great Barrier Reef, having your own indoor living reef is a pretty good consolation prize!

That’s why we’ve become, over the years, living reef specialists. We love the stunning beauty and astonishing diversity of aquatic reefs… so it’s not surprising that we offer a huge selection of vibrant, hand-picked corals to rival any public aquarium. Any and all of them can be yours!

This is the section of the store where you’ll also see all of the “creepy-crawlies” – a rainbow of starfish, gnarly crabs, odd snails, wild-eyed shrimp, deceptive sea cucumbers (they’re not sea vegetables!) We offer both wild and farm-raised animals, as well as literally hundreds of corals to choose from.

As important as the diverse stock we offer, we stay on top of the latest reef-maintenance technology and stock everything you need to keep these specimen thriving.

These are some of the most interesting (some would say, bizarre) citizens of the ocean. Feast your eyes on a few of our beautiful corals from the reef.