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Freshwater Fish & Plants

One of the many reasons aquariums are growing more popular is the sense of peace they convey, often perhaps the only oasis of calm in very stressful environments.

Nothing contributes more to a sense of peace than a well-stocked freshwater aquarium.

At Old Town Aquarium, our freshwater specimens go far beyond goldfish, guppies, the majestic koi and the ever-trendy betta bowls (Siamese fighting fish) with their glittering, jewel-toned inhabitants. We prove everyday that freshwater aquariums can be just as diverse and interesting as their saltwater counterparts. And in all sizes – home, office, and institutional installations!

From three to four shipments of freshwater specimens that we receive each week, we offer the freshwater collector choices from around the world, from the mysterious, misunderstood stingray to the Asian arowana (dragonfish). With our help, you can quickly create a display that you will find endlessly fascinating, filling it out with choices from our exceptional selection of freshwater plants.

Naturally, we also have all of the plant supplies and additives you’ll need to keep your plants – and fish – happy and thriving in their new environment. Plus, we’ll coach you on the care and maintenance of your choices so you can enjoy your aquatic oasis worry-free. We even provide maintenance plans!

Take a look at our some of our recent freshwater offerings.