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Fresh & Saltwater Fish

At Old Town we carry some of the most unique and unusual fresh & saltwater fish available.

With up to 10 shipments per week, Old Town Aquarium always has the largest and most diverse selection in Chicagoland. Dedicated to conservation, we make every effort to offer animals that come from aquaculture/mariculture facilities and breeders. Sustainable collectors are also utilized, bringing in specimens from Fiji, Australia, Bali, Papau New Guinea, the U.S and more.

Exotic Corals

All of our corals are sustainably harvested, maricultured, or aquacultured.

We strive to offer our customers only the best when it comes to live coral. Unlike many of our competitors, decades long relationships with our wholesalers grant us the largest and most unique selection of coral colonies; for both the beginner hobbyist looking for their first soft coral to the most discerning aquarist in search of that next deepwater acropora.

Miscellaneous Inverts

Looking to put a dent in detritus and algae? Or maybe something that's just fun to watch?

From clean-up crews that help keep your aquarium shine to oddities and ornamentals that add biodiversity and interest, Old Town Aquarium has your invert needs covered.

Live Plants

From hardy ferns and mosses to delicate co2 craving ground covers.

Live plants can elevate your aquarium to a new level. Create a natural environment for your aquarium inhabitants while sitting back and enjoying the depth and realism our huge selection of live plants will bring to your aquarium.

Show Quality Bettas

Hand selected by our very own Jim Walters

If you're asking yourself "what's so exciting about Bettas?" you haven't seen ours. Our large selection of these highly underated animals has been known to create new hobbyists and draw in those who previously only looked at them as "starter fish". Gorgeous and easy to care for, Bettas make an excellent addition to anyones collection.

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