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Welcome to Old Town Aquarium! 

Co-owned by Jim Walters and Ian Schakowsky, Old Town Aquarium is distinguished by their passion for aquatic life.


Unlike many in the business, both Jim and Ian have logged hundreds of dives on reefs throughout the world, in order to best observe the behavior and environment of many of the species offered for sale at Old Town Aquarium.


They have participated in collection trips as far away as Fiji to familiarize themselves with the handling of the marine life at the point of collection, and to observe the environmental impact of such activity.


As part of their commitment to responsible collecting, which seeks to minimize environmental impact on natural reefs, Jim and Ian enthusiastically endorse the new farm raised specimens now available to collectors.




Ian Shakowsky

Because freshwater and saltwater marine life is their passion and the science of collecting and maintaining aquariums is constantly evolving, Jim and Ian participate in continuing education and attend annual marine aquarium conferences.


Perhaps more important, they know the deep satisfaction of collecting. They take great pleasure in helping the novice and advanced collector build, maintain, and enjoy the perfect aquarium.

And, because Old Town Aquarium is a complete resource, collectors can stock and maintain their own aquariums from Jim and Ian’s well-stocked shelves, or employ Old Town Aquarium experts to provide complete “turnkey” aquarium service – everything from design and installation, to stocking, and ongoing maintenance.


In addition to serving customers personally, Jim and Ian educate and train employees intensively so they, too, can expertly serve all levels of collectors.




Jim Walters
  • Enticing aquatic displays

  • A wide selection of fresh & saltwater fish

  • Extensive selection of marine inverts & corals

  • Aquatic Plants

  • Acrylic aquariums & furniture grade cabinetry

  • Full line of dry goods

Come visit our internationally renowned storefront & discover:
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